From the idea to the Raschel fabric

Click here for details.........In the beginning there is the designers idea.

These ideas will be realized directly on screen with a pressure sensitive pen, with a textile software which is developed by our company.
Printed in original size you could present the designs to your customers. Of course handmade sketches or designs can be worked out with the help of a scanner.

Click here for details.......With the next step we realize the pattern draft

The technical pattern draft defines the different high- and low informations. In this case for a Jacquard Raschel knitting machine.
In our example red shows a "fulltone" (2 x 1 lap), ocker a "halftone" (tricot lap) and white is a hole.


Click here for details........The simulation

Before the Raschel fabric will be produced on the Jacquard Raschel knitting machine, there is the possibility to create a realistic simulation based on the pattern draft. Of course you can print it out in any sizes so designer or customer are able to control the product. By this way mistakes could be seen without having a machine stop or a loss of production.

Finally all informations will be transformed into machine datas. These can be loaded on a electronical Jacquard Raschel machine with a conventional terminal or with the "Loader" developed by our company. So production can start.